Mining Consultants

Advance and optimize your minerals project through focused advice and innovative solutions from our highly qualified and experienced specialists

Our consultants provide technical advice on all types of mining methods, for all commodities, in all parts of the world. With offices in 45 countries, we bring a truly global perspective to your unique requirements.

Many of our experts are world-leaders in fields such as mining due diligence, feasibility studies, mine waste management, permitting, and mine closure.

Among our clients are major, medium‑sized and junior metal and industrial mineral mining houses, exploration companies, financial institutions, construction firms, and government departments. Not holding  equity in any projects enables us to provide demonstrably independent, objective recommendations to our clients.

Key Services    
SRK’s experienced personnel and practical approach give you achievable options, opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks. SRK experts integrate complex data sets to generate and refine targets, define controls on mineralisation, and delineate prospective structures and sequences. SRK's extensive experience from resource estimation through mine planning to mine decommissioning ensures innovative, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions from pre feasibility to site rehabilitation.
Geology, Resources, and Exploration
Providing you with a clear, comprehensive set of foundation design options and their time-related risks is a cornerstone of our engineering services. Our experienced team of metallurgists and process specialists primarily focus on metallurgical studies, due diligence and project review, and have played key roles in early stage engineering studies, process operations optimisation and technical support. Providing you with a clear set of options and their time related risks is a cornerstone of our engineering services.
Our multi-disciplinary team is experienced in all aspects of environmental and social management, working beyond compliance to ensure social licence to mine Scarce, plentiful, wasted, coveted. Water is fast becoming the world's most precious commodity. Too much in the wrong place at the wrong time and this valuable resource becomes an unwanted hazard. We've helped clients manage water in all its forms everywhere in the world. Optimize your mine’s safety, efficiency, and lifespan through customized systems that control ventilation while minimizing hazards
Environmental, Social, and Closure Compliance Water Mine Ventilation


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