SRK Consulting is currently seeking qualified applicants for the following positions in our North American offices.

We encourage you to come and build your professional practice within our organisation. Our engineers and scientists enjoy a diversity of work with a range of clients, and there are often opportunities for travel. You would work alongside the very best in the world across a variety of disciplines. We are a “learning organization” with a flat corporate structure that invites professional growth in a self-directed environment. SRK is independently owned and operated by its employees.

SRK employs technical specialists from geology, geophysics, hydrology, geostatistics, mine engineering, hydrogeology, resource geology, chemical engineering, environmental science, and environmental engineering. Our employees demonstrate leadership within their technical fields, effective problem solving skills, and a strong ability to communicate commercial outcomes to clients.

Check out our current career opportunities in the list below. Or view opportunities in our other international offices, where you can click the links on the global map for career opportunities in other SRK regions.

SRK North America