About SRK's Mine Ventilation Services

SRK's newly formed mine ventilation services unit
SRK recently merged Mine Ventilation Services into its US practice. 
The amalgamation aligns with both companies’ visions of expanding their reach and services within the mining and minerals industries. SRK’s new business unit provides engineering consulting services, MVS’s range of ventilation and climatic software, and comprehensive training programs for mining and ventilation engineers and technicians.
Mine Ventilation Services (MVS) was founded in March 1983 in response to a growing demand for specialized expertise in the design, planning and control of the environment in underground openings.  Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of ventilation and air conditioning design, including the installation and calibration of ventilation monitoring equipment.
SRK's mine ventilation unit consists of a select team of mine ventilation engineers, mining engineers, research scientists and computer software engineers who are experienced in the theoretical and practical aspects of heat transfer and ventilation and air cooling computer modeling.
We specialize in solving ventilation and cooling problems associated with the operation of mines and other subsurface facilities, including those which pose special challenges due to unusual climatic or geologic conditions.  Our specialists are experienced in designing ventilation and cooling systems for new and proposed subsurface facilities.  We begin with conceptual studies to identify the most feasible overall plan.  We then conduct detailed engineering studies using in-house computer software programs which have been developed specifically for the purpose of projecting optimal duties and locations of fans, cooling plants, main shafts and airways.  The fan duties, and where required cooling and air filtration duties, are projected along with operating and capital costs.  We have developed a wide range of software programs which have proven invaluable in designing ventilation systems for underground facilities.
We believe that in order to develop safe, cost-effective ventilation and air conditioning systems we must keep up to date on the latest technologies. We are pleased to have contributed to the industry's technological achievements and welcome projects that have a strong research component.
Our mine ventilation unit has also developed a Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) analysis laboratory and now has the capability to analyze DPM filter samples and institute sampling programs at mining operations.

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