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Water Management

Water Management Careers with SRK Consulting

Efficient water management is essential to most mining and mineral processing activities and must be carefully considered during each development and operational cycle, from preliminary approvals, production, decommissioning and closure , and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies, with due consideration of all stakeholders.

Hydrologists (surface water), Hydrogeologists (ground water) and Hydraulics Engineering specialists focus on efficient water management and work collaboratively with geotechnical, environmental and mining specialists. Finding a balance between meeting regulatory compliance and cost savings requires innovative thinking. This includes the conjunctive use of surface, groundwater and recycled water; collecting baseline surface and groundwater data early on in an exploration project, including borehole water levels, surface flows and water quality data; and integrating each water component with the total mine water system. We bring a sound understanding of the process and tailings circuits, and integrate this with climatic data, and recycling opportunities to form an interactive range of water balances which are responsive to process and seasonal and climatic variations pertinent to a mine at any time.

Examples of our services are: baseline studies, studies linked to flood prediction, water balance modeling, slope stability design (pressure distribution and depressurization), water supply, mine dewatering, seepage control and contamination assessment, diversion structures ( storm-water controls and spillways), water treatment, permitting and licensing etc.

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