Michael Herrell

Principal Geochemist
MSc, PGeo
SRK Vancouver
Oceanic Plaza 22nd Floor 1066 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 3X2
+1 604 681 4196

Michael Herrell is a Principal Consultant (Geochemistry) at SRK’s Vancouver office. He has over 15 years of experience on geochemical investigations. His main area of focus is conducting geochemical characterization studies for proposed, existing and closed mine site facilities.  These studies involve assessing the ARD potential and metal mobility from mine materials (i.e. waste rock, tailings and marginal ore, etc.) and evaluating the results of the geochemical characterization in the context of mine water management strategies to predict site effluent water quality and evaluate potential impacts on the receiving environment surface water and groundwater quality. Michael has extensive experience developing large-scale deterministic and stochastic multi-component models for existing and proposed mines using GoldSim and other geochemical software on several projects.

Michael is also responsible for presenting and defending the results of geochemical characterization and water quality modeling studies to regulators, First Nations and other stakeholders. He has performed as an expert witness nationally and internationally in panel review hearings for environmental assessments and water license applications.

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