Chad Bearor

Senior Consultant - Geology
BS Geology
SRK Denver
1125 17th Street, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202, USA
+1 303 985 1333
+1 303 985 9947

Chad Bearor is a Senior Geologist with 17 years of global professional and technical experience consulting to the mining industry, public sector, and government agencies for groundwater, soil, and rock characterization.

Mr. Bearor’s experience includes:

  • Integrating characterization programs of various disciplines.
  • Planning, operation, and training of the IPI Standard Wireline Inflatable Packer System SWIPS to depths >1,000m.
  • Design, installation, monitoring, and testing of high capacity pumping wells (dewatering systems) with discharge rates up to 5,500 gpm.
  • Underground minewater inflow measurements, water management system evaluations, and optimization.
  • Diamond corehole monitoring well installations > 1000m, multi node vibrating wire installations > 1,000m.
  • Staff training in geotechnical logging procedures, QA/QC, and data management.
  • Geotech logging of over 40,000m of core.
  • Phase I, II environmental site assessment, and remediation.
  • Developed RCRA disposal criteria using statistical and probabilistic data analysis.
  • Offshore drilling for hydrogeologic and geotechnical data collection.
  • Hydrogeologic data analysis using several interpretation methods collected from unconventional testing techniques in diamond coreholes.
  • Leapfrog 3D Geo for design of various characterization programs and groundwater conceptual model development.
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