Dr. Christopher Stevens

Senior Consultant - Geocryology (Permafrost)
PhD. Geology and Geophysics
SRK Alaska
Suite 110 11901 Business Blvd PO Box 770401 Eagle River, Alaska 99577 USA
+1 907 677 3520
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Dr. Christopher Stevens is a geocryologist with over 8 years of experience in Arctic and Subarctic projects. He has an MSc in geography and a PhD in geology and geophysics. Prior to joining SRK in 2012, he held a National Science and Engineering Research Council position with the Geological Survey of Canada. His specializations include permafrost and ground ice characterization, periglacial geomorphology, thermal analysis, and numerical thermal modeling.
Christopher has worked on terrestrial and subsea permafrost related to mining, oil and gas, and highway infrastructure projects in the USA and Canada. He is experienced in terrain and climate analysis, baseline permafrost characterization, thermal modeling of infrastructure design, permafrost and groundwater interaction, and thermal cover design to support freezeback mine waste. He has also been involved in designing northern monitoring programs and developing geophysical applications for infrastructure route selection (pipelines and roads), permafrost evaluation, and long-term environmental monitoring. Christopher has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings on permafrost related to resource development.
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