Dr. Oy Leuangthong

Principal Geostatistician
Ph.D. Mining Engineering, Geostatistics
SRK Toronto
155 University Avenue, Suite 1500 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 3B7
+1 416 601 1445
+1 416 601 9046

Dr. Leuangthong has over 15 years of experience in geostatistics for resource characterization and uncertainty assessment.  Prior to joining SRK, she was an Assistant Professor in Mining Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.  She has taught geostatistics in various industry courses to engineers and geologists from national and multinational companies in North and South America.  She has also consulted on a range of projects in both the mining and petroleum industry.  Further, she has authored and co-authored 2 books, 16 journal papers and over 30 conference articles.  Her areas of expertise are resource estimation, conditional simulation and uncertainty assessment using geostatistics.

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