Dr. Cristobal Herrero

Consultant (Mining Geotechnical Engineer) Rock Mechanics
MS, PhD Mining and Earth Systems Engineering
SRK Denver
1125 17th Street, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202, USA
+1 303 985 1333
+1 303 985 9947
Dr. Cristobal Herrero is a Geotechnical Engineer with 7 years of professional experience in civil and mining engineering. His expertise includes numerical modeling in soil and rock mechanics. He has technical experience in geological engineering, structural geology and mapping, site investigation, slope monitoring, seismic and probabilistic analysis.
Dr. Herrero has a good knowledge of several numerical modelling techniques including Finite Elements, Finite Differences, Distinct Elements and Discrete Elements methods, as well as Limit Equilibrium analyses.
He is proficient in the following software: Itasca FLAC3D, 3DEC, Slope Model, Kubrix; Rocsience Slide, Phase2, Dips, Unwedge, Swedge, RocData, RocPlane, RocFall; Mintec MineSight, Maptek Vulcan, Autodesk AutoCAD; McNeel Rhino and Leapfrog Geo.


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