AEMA 2019: An Update About U.S. SEC SK - 1300: The Potential Impact on Mining Companies Raising Capital

Raising Capital in Mining Presentation | Dec. 5, 2:15pm
Presentation Description
On October 31, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted new mining property disclosure requirements. The amended disclosure rules represent a significant shift for both existing and potential new listings wishing for exposure to the US Financial Markets. The aim of the amendments is to modernize the property disclosure requirements for mining registrants and to provide investors with a more comprehensive description of their mining properties from development into reserves. SRK will provide details on what companies should be doing to ensure they are well positioned for compliance ahead of compliance date of January 1, 2021.
Raising Capital in Mining Session Description
This session will highlight the many changes that face the mining and exploration sector today. What do you need to know? It will include the discussion of: The arrival of ETFs and other sectors competing for capital with the mining and exploration industry; the layering in of streaming, royalty, pre-production payments and off-take agreements - what are the implications and important nuances to understand about these growing and increasing important sources of finance in our industry relative traditional lenders and sources of capital. When will and when does private equity step-in to participate? What can you do to attract the right attention? This engaging group of panelists will cover these issues as well as review the landscape including where, what type, who has funded deals, financings and transactions in recent years. What sectors and commodities are attracting capital and why. The panelists will also provide an outlook. Join us and get your questions answered!
SRK Presenters:
Ben Parsons, Principal Consultant
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Matt Sullivan, Senior Mineral Economist
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