Commodities and Financial Markets Presentation at AME Roundup

Battery Minerals: The Hype, The Reality and Uncertainty
Tuesday January 29, 2019
1:20pm | East Ballroom AB
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre East | Vancouver, BC
Battery minerals are the current commodity darlings of the mining industry with the hype regarding predicted demand (and associated pricing) reaching new heights in 2017 and 2018. This hype is largely driven by the nascent electric vehicle market and the expectation that electric vehicles, powered by lithium ion batteries, will replace the existing hydrocarbon-based transportation market.  Based on these expectations, developers are now constructing new mines around the world with further investment flooding into early stage exploration and development projects.
How real are these estimates of future demand and is the hype justified? This presentation evaluates potential demand scenarios for lithium ion batteries, including the potential impact of electric vehicles.  It will cover the key commodities that are utilized in these batteries, with a focus on lithium and cobalt, and implications for future demand, supply and prices.
Session Description:
Commodities and Financial Markets
This year’s session brings together a roster of industry experts including corporate advisory consultants, technical study directors, equity research analysts, and commodity strategists to share their expertise on a wide range of financial and commodity-related matters. Presentation themes will include capital raising and business risks in today’s markets as well as commodity-specific discussions on the outlook for gold, silver, copper, and battery metals. With a total of seven high-profile speakers, this session promises to be relevant, to-the-point, thought-provoking and a highlight of Roundup 2019 for all attendees.
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SRK Presenter
John Pfahl - Corporate Advisory Consultant for SRK
John Pfahl
Principal Corporate Advisor

John Pfahl is a mining engineer with over 15 years of global experience in the mining industry. He is a Corporate Advisory Consultant with SRK. Mr. Pfahl has expertise in strategic planning, business improvement, investment analysis, risk analysis, capital markets and project valuation in the mining field. His background activities include project and investment management, strategic evaluations, technical and commercial due diligence, technical studies, financial modeling, structuring and negotiating terms in mergers and acquisitions, mine planning and project finance for projects ranging from exploration through production and across a broad spectrum of commodities.

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