FICEMIN Short Course | Hydrogeology Focused on Mining Projects in Mexico

Optimizing consumption and improving performance
November 21 - 22, 2019
Location: Durango, MX | Venue TBD
(Part of this course will be in English and translated in Spanish)
Lack of an adequate water management plan covering different stages of a mining project may jeopardize its development, production, and subsequent closure of operations. In Mexico there are few consulting companies that offer practical solutions to the needs of the mining sector. For this reason, companies encounter difficulties when seeking effective advice to solve a problem related to the water resources of the project.
One of the main factors causing companies to limit their interest in the development of a hydrogeological project is the investment cost that this represents. However, in SRK's experience, it has been observed that investing in studies whose scope is not adequate and carried out by non-experienced personnel, generally entails higher costs in the future. These expenses increase as mining companies usually decide to hire specialists in hydrogeology when the problem is advanced.
In this workshop, “Hydrogeology Focused on Mining Projects in Mexico” we will discuss the most appropriate methods to generate quality hydrogeological information based on each mining development stage, as well as the processing, interpretation, and use of the data generated. The main objective of this workshop is to make the Mexican mining sector aware of the different hydrogeological strategies that could improve their water management and give them support on addressing or preventing issues generated by less than adequate management. (click to view the spanish page)
Course Outline:
(Download the English Flyer)
Topics to be discussed:
  1. Hydrogeological considerations during pre-mining, mining, and post-mining operations
  • Conceptual and numerical hydrogeological modeling
  • Determination of hydraulic parameters
  • Baseline values of groundwater and surface water quality
  • Identification of potential supply sources
  • Drilling, design, and construction of monitoring and dewatering wells
  • Identification and control of potential Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)
  • Negotiation of acquisition of water rights
  • Hydrogeological models to determine the possible formation of Pit Lakes
  • Geochemical models for Pit Lake water quality control
  • Water quality monitoring after closure
  1. Numerical Modeling
  • When and why to develop a numerical model
  • Identifying goals of the model
  • Construction of the numerical model
  • Finite difference verse finite element approach
  • Industry application of the numerical model
  • Calibration
  • Numerical model predictions
  1. Surface Water Balance
  • When and why to develop a water balance
  • Model complexity
  • Data requirements
  • Construction of a water balance
  • Climate - How complex is too complex
  • Calibration
  • Projecting into the future
$290 (USD) / $5570 (MXN)
Email: or call +52 (492)-147-7094

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Arturo PérezArturo Pérez
Hydrogeology Consultant
Arturo Pérez has over 12 years of experience in hydrogeology in Consulting Companies and as an Independent associate, developing a variety of activities in field and office settings for several hydrogeological studies, performing well census, pumping tests, drilling supervision, deep wells and monitoring wells installations, groundwater samples collection, data analysis, and interpretation. At SRK, he has provided support in different projects in Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the USA, in charge of drilling supervision for environmental and hydrogeological projects, developing and interpretation of short and long term pumping tests, Packer tests using IPI system, drilling cores orientation for geotechnical logging, sampling and analysis of groundwater, design and installation of monitoring wells and VWPs, as well as project management and personnel & costs management.
Cristian PereiraCristian Pereira
Senior Hydrogeology Consultant
Cristian Pereira is a geologist with more than 15 years of experience executing projects in the area of hydrogeology in Chile, USA, Canada, Colombia, Phillippines, Mexico and Argentina, with emphasis in conceptual and numeric modeling, as well as evaluation of underground water resources, mine dewatering requirements, environmental impacts of mining, pit lake infilling, brine extraction and pore pressure analysis. He has experience in field work, including control of Barber and Reverse Air type drilling, regional and local geological mapping, design and supervision of long and short duration pumping tests, and work with instruments with pressure transducers. He is skilled in the preparation of interpretative and compilation reports, management and creation of data bases (hydrological, bibliographic) and logistics.

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