Intact Rock Behavior and Laboratory Tests

November 27, 9am - 6pm | Holiday Inn Express, Hermosillo, Sonora
Course Description: 
This course has been designed to help attendees understand the theory behind intact rock behavior and interpret laboratory test results.
The first half of this course will be focused around:
  • Introduction to Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown, and other failure criteria
  • Shear strength of discontinuities
  • Step-path failure analysis
  • Effect of water on strength

The second half of this course will be focused on how to interpret these laboratory tests results:

  • Uniaxial compressive stress tests
  • Multiaxial Compressive tests
  • Direct shear tests
  • Indirect tensile stress tests
  • Classic soil tests


Meet the SRK Instructor:

Fredy Henriquez, Geotechnical Engineer, Principal ConsultantFredy Henriquez
Geotechnical Consultant

Fredy Henriquez is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in civil and mining geotechnical projects ranging from conceptual through feasibility design levels and operations support. He is skilled in both soil and rock mechanics engineering and specializes in the design and management of mine excavations. His primary areas of expertise include mine operations, mine planning, hard rock and soft rock characterization, underground and open pit stability analysis, database management, geotechnical data collection, probabilistic analysis, risk assessment, slope monitoring and modeling. Fredy has undertaken and managed large geotechnical projects for the mining industry throughout North, Central, South America, Australia and South Africa.

1st international Applied Rock Mechanics Symposium


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