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AIMMGM XXXII International Mining Convention | Guadalajara, Mexico | October 25 - 28, 2017 | Booth #232
Meet with our mining experts to discuss common issues with your operating or proposed mining project.
  • Drilling and sampling considerations in geotechnical and environmental characterizations
  • Construction quality assurance for earthworks, concrete and geomembrane
Monica Salguero, Principal Consultant
Monica Salguero
Principal Consultant - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Monica Salguero is skilled in surface water management, flood assessment, hydraulic design and sediment transport studies. Within her expertise is the development of mine water balance using the GoldSim and the hydraulic design for heap leach and tailings storage facilities. She also has experience in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments and baseline studies as well as developing monitoring plans for water quality, soil and sediments. She has worked for the mining industry in different states of both the United States and Mexico for mines producing copper, gold and silver presenting solutions to environmental problems and water through hydrological studies and water quality.
Dr. Silver Miller, Corporate Consultant
Silver Miller, PhD, MSc
Principal Corporate Consultant
Dr. Miller has over 30 years of experience in the evaluation, development, and management of businesses and operations; an international background in business development and operations; supplier negotiations and customer relationship management; consultancy experience in business strategy development; and technical appraisals and economic evaluations in the minerals industry. Silver's primary focus lies in the evaluation, development, and management of businesses and operations.
Nicholas Cristi - Civil and Mining Engineering
Nicholas Cristi, PE
Consultant - Civil Engineering, Mining and Construction

Nicholas is a bilingual engineer with over seven years of professional multidisciplinary experience in civil and mining engineering, working on a wide range of international projects. He is keenly familiar with the design and construction of stable, economical and legally compliant tailings facilities and leach pads, with a focus on practical operation and cost-effective closure solutions. As a registered Professional Engineer, he has extensive international experience in construction oversight as well as with the quality control and quality assurance testing of soil, concrete, and geomembrane. His field experience has included leading a diverse range of geotechnical and geochemical drilling/sampling investigations.
Nicholas Cristi - Civil and Mining Engineering
Omar Felix, PhD, R.E.P.
Consultant - Environmental Engineering

Dr. Felix has a broad experience in the field of atmospheric pollution, with a specialized focus on aerosols generated by mining operations. He is an expert in the design of experiments and the data analysis of total concentrations of dust and toxic contaminants. Dr. Felix has worked in Mexico and the USA, therefore, he knows the regulations established in both countries. He has worked in programs supervised by the EPA, like the superfund program, where he was developing analytical techniques for the determination of atmospheric particles and contaminants; he has also worked on mining sites in Mexico and Australia. Dr. Felix has experience elaborating conceptual closure plans as well as execution of geochemical and geotechnical studies for an adequate and efficient closure of mining facilities.
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