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Practical Mineral Resource Estimation Techniques - SRK and Seequent

Short Course | February 23 - 24 | SRK Consulting - Denver, CO
Course Description:

This short-course involves a unique collaboration between SRK, providing industry-leading instruction on applied resource estimation, and Seequent, providing world-class geological software. Attendees will be introduced to the use of practical estimation concepts and techniques to generate robust mineral resource estimates. Topics are focused on essentials needed for practitioners to consider during mineral resource estimation while focusing on decisions that can be validated and reported in a manner consistent with industry standards. Topics covered include: data validation, exploratory data analysis, domain analysis, calculation spatial continuity using variography, block modeling, practical estimation techniques, model validation, and reporting of mineral resources. All applied analyses and estimation concepts are presented by experienced SRK consultants, while Seequent will have personnel on-hand to answer specific software-related questions.

Due to the condensed timeframe, it is assumed that attendees have reasonable experience using Leapfrog Geo (i.e. Leapfrog Fundamentals at a minimum) and have been introduced to basic concepts of geologic modeling and domaining. This short course is not a traditional software training but utilizes the advantages and intuitive nature of Leapfrog Geo and the EDGE module to demonstrate and perform all analyses, estimation, and reporting of mineral resources.

Attendees will gain familiarization with the following:

  1. How to apply industry standard resource estimation theory (using Leapfrog Geo + EDGE).
  2. Importance of data validation and domain analysis prior to estimation.
  3. Exploratory data analysis (EDA) and how to interpret the results to produce improved resource estimations.
  4. Practical geostatistics and how these concepts support robust linear estimation.
  5. Introduction to block models and sub-blocking concepts (as applied in Leapfrog Geo).
  6. Practical estimation techniques and modifiers/parameters that drive quality estimations.
  7. Basics of estimation validation and reporting.
  8. Attendees will produce at least one mineral resource estimation, validate the estimate, and report the final results.
  • Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals Course (or sufficient working knowledge of Leapfrog Geo). Must have basic concepts of geologic modelling and resource domaining.
  • Resource Estimation experience: This short course is not a traditional software training course but utilizes the advantages and intuitive nature of Leapfrog Geo and EDGE to demonstrate and perform all analyses, estimation, and reporting of mineral resources.

What should I bring?

  • Your trainer will contact you with instructions to access and download a Leapfrog licence for the duration of your training
  • A Laptop, mouse and charger
  • Lunch will be provided
Cost: $800 USD
Registration: Leapfrog Signup Page
Matt Hastings, PG
Principal Consultant
Matthew Hastings is a geologist with 11 years of experience working in exploration and mineral resource definition for precious metals, base metals, iron ore, and rare earth element deposits worldwide. He has spent most of his career working in Central and South America, but has also worked on a wide variety of projects in the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East. Matthew has worked on-site extensively with projects from initial field evaluation to resource definition and development. He currently focuses predominantly on geological modeling and resource estimation, both in technical services roles as well as a training and advisory role for clients all over the world.
Erik Ronald, P.Geo
Principal Consultant
Erik Ronald is a geologist with 20 years experience specializing in resource geology, exploration and evaluation, resource estimation and geostatistics, mine geology, auditing/due diligence, and reporting of mineral resources. His experience spans multiple commodities and deposit types including iron ore, porphyry, IOCG, industrial minerals, and epithermal deposits. Erik has worked across North America, South America, and Australia from greenfields projects through open pit and underground operations. Erik is proficient in geological modeling using Maptek Vulcan and Leapfrog Geo software with extensive estimation and geostatistical experience using Isatis software.


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