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SME 2020 Presentation: The Mine of Future

February 26, 9:05 AM | Mining & Exploration | North 222B

Presentation Description

The Mine of Future - What to Expect?

New technologies are changing the lives of humans and societies in different ways and the mining industry is no exception. New technology comes in different forms, from autonomous trucks to innovations in communication systems and software to allow rapid decision making. Technological advances have already been implemented in many mines. It is not uncommon for machines to be controlled by someone many kilometers from where it is operating.
Process plant control has been well established for the past 30 years, including artificial intelligence or advanced control logic. The next phase of plant technology involves dynamic ore selection and scheduling to stabilize metal recovery and optimize plant economics. Mine specifications as well as mining regulations need to change to adopt the new technologies. Although the mining industry has learned a lot so far, there is still a long way to go. New technology will change – slowly but surely – the way we design both mines and process plants. This presentation summarizes examples the authors have explored over the past year on the effect of technological change to better understand these trends and issues facing the industry.
SRK Presenter
Dr. Anoush EbrahimiDr. Anoush Ebrahimi
Principal Mining Engineer

Anoush Ebrahimi is a mining engineer who has worked for open pit mines, consulting companies, and universities as well as in software development. Anoush has more than 28 years of experience in mine planning and design and has designed multiple small and large open pit mines in Canada and abroad, including copper, gold, molybdenum, poly metal, coal, manganese, phosphate, bauxite, and oil sand projects. He has worked on mining projects from conceptual studies through to construction. Anoush specializes in strategic mine planning, mine evaluation, open pit optimization and design, production scheduling, mine layout optimization, mine simulation, and computer modelling.



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