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SME 2020 Presentation: On-Site Rainfall Simulation

February 26, 3:25 PM | Environmental | North 127B

Presentation Description

On-Site Rainfall Simulation: A Field Method to Improve Erosional Stability in Reclamation Designs for Mine Waste Facilities and Disturbed Lands

Erosion design for mine land reclamation relies on a combination of erosion models. These models were primarily developed for agricultural or water­shed applications. However, their application to mining is increasing as methods to calibrate and integrate them into mining have developed. On-site rainfall simulation involves the application of simulated rainfall and runoff to test surfaces such as existing mine waste facility slopes or reclaimed areas. It can also be applied to purpose-built surfaces to test the performance of capping options. The data generated are site and material specific and play an important role in the use of erosion models. It enables assessment of the current performance of a mine waste facility slope and performance improvements that are possible by landform design modifications. Rainfall simulation has been used for many design tasks both within the US and in­ternationally. The results have been validated against measured erosion data for numerous facilities. This paper describes the rainfall simulation method and applied examples.
SRK Presenter
Rahul PeroorRahul Peroor
Principal Civil Engineer

Rahul has over twelve years of experience in the civil design as well as reclamation design of mining structures, including leach pads, waste dumps, tailings dams, sediment ponds, water management and access/haul roads. Mr. Peroor has extensive involvement with the structural and hydraulic design of multiple facilities; development of grading and loading plans; geotechnical analyses including seepage and stability analyses; and preparation of cost estimates, construction drawings, and design reports.



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