SRK Panel at the 2018 Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference

Join us in New York to discuss the importance of performing a due diligence on potential mining investments
Current Trends in Mining Finance   |   April 29 - May 2   |   New York, NY
CIM Convention 2018
When: Tuesday May 1 | 9:30am - 10:20am
Where: Shearman & Sterling LLP | Conference Room G/H
Title: The Importance of Due Diligence for Early-Stage Mining Projects

Mineral resources are a foundation of a project’s valuation and, for many junior mining companies, determines the worth of the company. The aim of due diligence is to provide confidence (or lack thereof) in the mineral resource calculations and the fundamental data used in determining classification. 
When do you need a due diligence on an early-stage potential mining investment? How important are understanding mineral resources, and what do they mean? How does an investor know what is good, bad, or ugly in the “wild west” of exploration and developing projects? One of the biggest risks to the technical and economic viability of any mining project is a poor understanding of the geology or resource estimation. Experienced geologists with SRK Consulting have been a part of a wide variety of successful mining projects over the years, and assisted hundreds of clients with navigating mining finance through strong, independent technical and corporate advisory through every stage of project development. This panel discussion will focus on the critical stages of review, specific assumptions to question, verification of results, and ways to mitigate risk during the process.
The panel team of executives from mining and financial industry will be joined by members of SRK Consulting to discuss case studies and engage in open discussion to demonstrate how obtaining a firm foundation on the mineral resource supports a myriad of downstream mining considerations and is key to timely, effective, and profitable mining operations. In addition, SRK will be available to comment on frequently asked questions during due diligence, common fatal flaws at the early stages of project development, and risks associated with specific types of deposits or projects.
Meet our presenters:
Dr. Neal Rigby
Principal Corporate Consultant
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Ben Parsons
Principal Resource Geologist
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