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SRK Short Course | AEMA 2018 Annual Meeting

Using the Standardized Reclamation Cost Estimator (SRCE) Version 2.0
Sunday, December 2 - Tuesday, December 4
8:00 am — 5:00 pm (daily)
Location: Spokane Convention Center | Spokane, WA
The Standardized Reclamation Cost Estimator (SRCE) is a public domain Microsoft Excel-based tool that has been used in Nevada for more than 10 years to calculate mine closure costs for financial assurance. The SRCE uses straightforward user inputs to create a first-principles estimate of closure costs. In addition to the Nevada-specific version, another version of SRCE is available for use in other states and internationally. Over the last two years the non-Nevada version has been significantly upgraded with numerous new features and improved performance to create SRCE 2.0. The new features greatly expand the capabilities and functionality of the model - so much that we have completely revamped our standard SRCE training short course. Because so many of the new features focus on things like detailed cost scheduling, filtering, and tracking costs by category, we have completely updated our curriculum to focus on strategizing the model setup based on site or company specific needs, and the type and intent of the cost estimate. There will still be a heavy emphasis on hands-on training, but after an initial few simple exercises, we will focus on closure cost types, how to set up a closure chart of accounts, developing useful filters, and effective scheduling for project-specific needs. Because the scope of the training has expanded beyond the introductory nature of previous short courses, this will be a three-day short course. Attendees will need to bring a laptop computer and engineering scale ruler for the hands-on exercises. If users wish to bring an existing SRCE model from a previous version, we will show them the process of importing that model into SRCE Version 2.0.
Cost: $650

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Dave Wanner
Jeff Parshley
Group Chairman and Corporate Consultant

Jeff Parshley is a SRK’s Global Chairman and a Corporate Consultant with more than 35 years of environmental and closure experience in the mining industry including closure planning and closure cost estimates. In addition to planning and analysis work for mines, he has also been involved in the management of several abandoned mines and implementation of actual closure works at several mines in the western United States. He has worked with legal and policy aspects of mining projects since his early career, regularly works on World Bank and IFC compliance projects and is also one of SRK’s most experienced mine closure strategists and regulatory specialists. He has contributed to the development of several regulatory guidelines for mine closure and closure cost estimating and assisted a number of clients develop corporate standards and guidance documents for closure planning, implementation and cost estimating. Jeff is a regular mine closure and closure cost estimating instructor for in-house workshops conducted for a number of mining companies and several U.S. government agencies.

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