SRK U.S. 2017-2018 Scholarship Awards

Celebrating five years of supporting education in mining
In 2012, SRK U.S. established a scholarship program to encourage and support students undertaking graduate studies in fields related to the mining industry. The scholarships may also provide recipients with the opportunity to work alongside experienced SRK professionals during breaks in the academic year and to gain practical, hands-on experience.

SRK has awarded over 30 scholarships to students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees. Our scholarship program is part of our ongoing commitment to furthering education within the mining industry.

Admissible fields
  • Mining engineering
  • Exploration and mining geology
  • Hydrogeology and water engineering
  • Tailings and mine waste management
  • Environmental science and engineering
2017-2018 scholarship award winners
Student Name University Background
Josef Bourgeois
Mining Engineering, MS
Colorado School of Mines
Josef is dedicated to changing the perception and direction of mining to one more focused on the positive impact mining can have on local communities around the world.
Jon Fox
Mining Engineering, PhD
University of Nevada, Reno
Jon has a deep seeded desire to improve the health and safety of all underground workers based on his family’s heritage and personal experience working as a miner.
Wesley Herweynen
Civil Engineering, MS
Colorado State University
For years Wesley has been fascinated by soil mechanics and the unknowns that surround soil behavior. His goal is to pursue a career focusing on problem solving and generating creative solutions in mine waste management.
Miguel Nassif
Geology, PhD
Colorado School of Mines
Miguel has always been amazed at the mining industry’s direct influence on providing natural resources essential in our everyday lives. His goal is to pursue a career aimed at impacting the business of mineral exploration with effective and innovative techniques further into the future.
Chris Newman
Mining Engineering, MS
University of Kentucky
Chris, since a youth, has had a fascination with ground control and geomechanical behaviors since his days accompanying his father to mining operations throughout Kentucky and Virginia. One of his career goals is to help further optimize mining reserves while maintaining safe working sections for miners and mitigating environmental damage.
Bryan Nielson
Mining Engineering, MS
Montana Tech, The University of Montana
After receiving his B.S. in Geology and going to work in an open-pit copper mine in southwest Utah, Bryan has realized his desire to becoming a more integral part of the mining culture and contribute to its development and longevity in the future.
Phillip Ruban
Mineral and Energy Economics, MS
Colorado School of Mines
Since an early age Phillip has been keen on the mining and its importance to the quality of life in modern day society. Since pursuing a career in mining, he has remained focused on helping to develop sustainable mining projects that can provide needed resources for many generations to come.
Franciszka Stopa
Mineral Engineering, MS
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Since beginning her degree in petroleum engineering Franciszka realized her passion towards the environment and ended up finding what she was looking for in the mining/mineral department. With her commitment to furthering her education she will be traveling and gaining more valuable field experience on site with various mining operations while finishing her studies. 
Ben Teschner
Mining Engineering, PhD
Colorado School of Mines
Ben’s main career goal is to make a lasting contribution to improving the ways in which we design and operate mines in a world of increasing local and international opposition to natural resource development projects.
Margaret Tinsley
Geochemistry, MS
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Margaret is geochemistry student studying various aspects of mining, mine waste and leaching. Her current focus is in the examination of metal leaching from mine waste utilizing kinetic column testing. She is looking forward to pursuing more time for research and travel to help further her education in the industry.


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