SRK U.S. 2019-2020 Scholarship Awards

Celebrating seven years of supporting education in mining
In 2012, SRK U.S. established a scholarship program to encourage and support students undertaking graduate studies in fields related to the mining industry. The scholarships may also provide recipients with the opportunity to work alongside experienced SRK professionals during breaks in the academic year and to gain practical, hands-on experience.

SRK has awarded over 50 scholarships to students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees. Our scholarship program is part of our ongoing commitment to furthering education within the mining industry.

Admissible fields
  • Mining engineering
  • Exploration and mining geology
  • Hydrogeology and water engineering
  • Tailings and mine waste management
  • Environmental science and engineering
2019-2020 scholarship award winners
Student Name University
Spencer Whitman
Hydrogeology, PhD
University of Nevada Reno
Garrett Gissler
Economic Geology, PhD
Colorado School of Mines
Lukas Fahle
Mining and Earth Systems Engineering, PhD
Colorado School of Mines
Claire Kincaid
Earth Resources Development Engineering, MS
Colorado School of Mines
Kimberly Vander Vis
Geotechnical Engineering, MS
Colorado State University
Bijan Peik
Geo-Engineering, PhD
University of Nevada Reno
Lydia Jennings
Soil, Water and Environmental Science, PhD
University of Arizona
Levi Rawlings
Mining Engineering and Management, MS
Colorado School of Mines
Irene Ateng
Mining Engineering, MS
Montana Tech University
Godfred Amponsah
Mining Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering), MSc
New Mexico Tech University


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