Matthew Sullivan

Senior Consultant - Mining Economics
SRK Denver
1125 17th Street, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202, USA
+1 303 985 1333
+1 303 985 9947
Matthew Sullivan has a metallurgical engineering and economics background and has eight years of experience analyzing, optimizing and valuing mining operations from internal and external positions. Matthew has extensive experience designing and leading diligence processes for mining assets ranging from early stage exploration through to operating mines. He has priced, negotiated and closed mining deals across the globe in a wide variety of commodities via structures ranging from royalty and equity investment to term and convertible debt facilities. His experience as a mining sector buy-side professional funding the development and operation of mining assets provides a unique perspective on what it takes to study, build, operate, manage risk and invest in the mining sector.
Specializations: Mining sector financial modeling and analysis; mergers and acquisitions; due diligence planning and execution; strategic business planning and initiatives; risk management and assessments; operations research and optimization; process controls and improvements.


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