AEMA 2017 Annual Meeting: SRK Short Course and Technical Presentations

SRK Events at AEMA 2017
All scheduled events will take place at the Nugget Casino in Reno, NV

SRK 3-Day Short Course:
Monday, December 3 - Wednesday, December 5
8am - 5pm
Using SRCE Version 2.0 - New and Updated Training | More Details
Presented by: Jeff Parshley (SRK Reno)
SRK Technical Talks:
Thursday, December 7 (Morning Sessions)
8am - 11:30am - Lithium
Lithium Supply and Market; Past, Present and Future | More Details
Presented by: Pablo Cortegoso (SRK Denver)
8am - 11:30am - Mine Closure and Reclamation
A Case Study for Final Closure of a Mine Site, Santa Fe Calvada Mine, Nevada | More Details
Presented by: John Cooper (SRK Elko)
Thursday, December 7 (Afternoon Sessions)
2pm - 5:30pm - Finding and Accessing Capital
Recent Trends and Issues Miners Seeking Capital Should Know About
Presented by: Neal Rigby (SRK Reno)
Friday, December 8 (Morning Sessions)
8am - 11:30am - Mine Closure and Remediation
The Value of a Detailed Temporary Closure Plan - Save Your Assets | More Details
Presented by: Steve Boyce (SRK Elko)
SRK Booth: 223 & 225

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