ARD Prevention

Segregating Waste Rock to Prevent Acid Rock Drainage
Presentation as part of Mining Seminar II session Exploration to Mine Closure: Making the Most of Challenging Times, held in January 2015

Organizer: SRK Vancouver
Speaker: Stephen Day, Principal Geochemist
Summary: Mines have been proactively managing waste rock to address acid rock drainage (ARD) potential since the 1990s. The typical management approach leads to segregation of rock that has potential for ARD generation (PAG) from rock that is non-PAG.

The PAG rock is then disposed of appropriately to limit ARD (for example, underwater in an impoundment or completed pit), whereas non-PAG rock may be suitable for conventional disposal or use as construction fill, such as for a tailings dam. This presentation discusses methods that can be used to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of waste rock segregation and the operational requirements for implementation.
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