Diamond Deposits: Business Opportunity or Pipe Dream?

Kimberlite Diamond Deposit Assessment Short Course coordinated by SRK consultants at PDAC 2014.

Course Description

Many opportunities currently exist for the acquisition of diamond properties globally. These include projects ranging from early stage exploration plays with limited data to projects with classified resources waiting to be developed. In addition there are many active and inactive mines that are changing hands. Both the quality and quantity of data associated with these projects are highly variable and, in many cases, incomplete. Evaluating primary diamond deposits for the purpose of acquisition or investment is challenging; however, the next mines are waiting to be discovered, and in some cases rediscovered.

This course is structured to be of interest to senior management teams and those individuals involved in assessing the potential of primary diamond projects. Rather than presenting detailed technical information related to kimberlites, this session will focus more on summarizing key criteria that must be taken into consideration when reviewing project data. It is assumed that participants will have some background in kimberlite exploration and evaluation.

Topics to be covered will include recent advances in the description, classification and interpretation of primary deposits, as well as the development of the geology models used to guide and direct evaluation and mining of kimberlites. Many of the tools used to discover and evaluate these deposits will be covered, as well as mining methods. The tools covered will include diamond data, geochemistry, sampling, volcanology, structural geology, mantle geology and geostatistics.

The course will include a practical component that will be designed to challenge participants’ grasp on the criteria being presented. This practical session will also facilitate the development of individual evaluation criteria by participants investigating projects within a particular region of interest.

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