Workshop II

Friday, October 14, 2016 | Vancouver, BC                                                                 Image result for geovia logo
Understanding the influence and impact of fragmentation on cave performance.
Join us for the following presentations as well as industry updates from New Afton and Ekati mines.

Why Fragmentation is Important in Cave Mining | Jarek Jakubec

The introduction will outline the concept and philosophy of the Cave Mining Forum, which aims to connect mining professionals and promote the exchange of ideas among them. It will also address past and present cave mining experiences and challenges.

Downstream Effects of Cave Fragmentation | Adrian Dance

This presentation will highlight a cave mining phenomenon related to surface and ground water: the mudrushes and mudflows that result when water is combined with clays and fine particles generated by caving processes. Mitigation strategies and mudrush risk assessment will also be discussed.
Preconditioning via Hydraulic Fracturing – Updates from Recent Conferences | Michael Diering