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SRK Publishes Mine Ventilation Book in Spanish


DENVER, CO—APRIL 28, 2017—Within the mining and tunneling industries, Dr. Malcolm J. McPherson’s renowned textbook Subsurface Ventilation Engineering has long been considered a go-to reference for addressing engineering and ventilation challenges. SRK is delighted to announce that the eagerly-awaited Spanish translation of this text is now available.

The English version of the book is already used extensively by professional engineers, researchers, teachers, and students with interests in planning, designing, and controlling the environment in underground openings. While directed primarily toward mining operations, the design procedures apply to other complex subsurface facilities too, such as nuclear waste repositories, commercial accommodation, and vehicular networks. The book is an invaluable resource for engineers working on any of these facilities, including mining, civil, and mechanical engineers and those involved in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

“At SRK we believe in developing and embracing new technologies and methodologies and in sharing them with related industries,” said Keith Wallace, head of SRK’s ventilation business unit. “By publishing McPherson’s text in Spanish, we hope to raise awareness in Spanish-speaking mining communities of the important role played by ventilation and to help our clients in these regions operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

McPherson and Wallace cofounded Mine Ventilation Services, which in 2016 merged with SRK Consulting. McPherson passed away in November, 2008, and it is in his memory that the staff of SRK’s ventilation business unit have translated his book into Spanish. The new book can be purchased online.

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