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Challenges of tailings disposal in Russia and CIS countries

SRK has a strong track record in assisting clients in Russia and other CIS countries with developing Bankable Feasibility Studies and auditing existing and prospective tailings disposal facilities. A Bankable Feasibility Study refers to the design and costing of a project in accordance with standards accepted by the international financial community that meet both international and Russian engineering requirements.

Tailings storage facilities often represent the most significant environmental liability associated with mining operations. Mine waste materials must be transported and discharged safely into secure impoundments, which will last for an extended period after final mine closure. 

International best practice guidelines for tailings and waste management stipulate that storage facilities are designed, operated, closed and rehabilitated to perform in accordance with strict technical and environmental criteria. SRK has developed a framework of management principles and checklists for implementing these activities throughout this entire mine life cycle.

SRK has been responsible for work on numerous gold, platinum, uranium, copper, iron, and coal tailings operations across Russia and other CIS countries. These have involved complex geotechnical, environmental and permitting issues that had to be overcome to meet international standards as well as Russian requirements. Working closely with the local design institutes SRK has progressed towards synergy in meshing its engineering approach with CIS Best Practice Guidelines. During the course of this work, SRK has developed strong relationships with a number of related organisations and successfully implemented innovative designs on a number of flagship projects.

These have involved complex geotechnical, environmental and permitting issues that had to be overcome to meet both Russian TEO Konditsy and international Feasibility Study standards.

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