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Geological Mapping and Analysis of Drill Hole Data

Geological mapping is fundamental to any exploration project. Effective mineral exploration requires an in-depth understanding of the lithological and structural controls of mineralisation. These insights must be gained through geological mapping at the early stages of the exploration program

Mapping is a cost-effective exploration tool and a project-generative process that delivers tangible benefits to all exploration programs. A good geological map not only provides focus to an exploration program, it also clearly communicates the economic potential of a project to stakeholders.

At SRK, our exploration consultants have experience in mapping and the utilisation of drilling information in a variety of commodities and geological settings. Using our knowledge of regional to mine-scale mapping, interpretation of bottom-of-hole geology and coherent interpretation of drilling programs, we can generate high-quality products in a time-efficient manner. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that the most appropriate datasets, including geophysics, are utilised to generate robust interpretations. Our consultants have access to a variety of software packages and can ensure that the data and interpretations generated can be included in subsequent work programs.

Alteration mapping significantly enhances the understanding of exploration and mining projects
By Anna Fonseca, Principal Geological Consultant (SRK Toronto)


  • Base mapping
  • Drill core logging
  • Structural mapping to define geometry and mineralisation controls at regional to mine scales
  • Regolith mapping to support regional geochemical programs
  • Alteration mapping to define controls on mineralisation
  • Interpretation of multiple datasets in an integrated 3D environment
  • Expert analytical support to solve specific issues (e.g. petrography, alteration, age-dating, fluid inclusions)


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