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Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Understand geological processes and overcome exploration challenges through focused structural interpretation of remote sensing data

At SRK, our interpretation of remote sensing and geophysical data is built on our core strengths. These include advanced structural geology skills; the ability to connect minerals systems to their structural controls; and systematic ore body evaluation focused on indirect exploration targeting. We use software tools that are unique in identifying geological processes, rather than simply drawing lines on a map. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of how geological features will impact your exploration activities and helps us identify the best ways of overcoming your exploration challenges.

Many companies restrict the use of remote sensing data to direct targeting, where the remote sensing technique directly detects the response of mineralization. This unnecessarily limits the remote sensing data’s value and the returns on investment in expensive geophysical surveys. SRK’s multi-skilled geological and geophysical team uses three or more parameters to delineate targets and unlock the full value of remote sensing data. By integrating the data with our geological and structural knowledge, we identify geological processes, detect structures, and assess the likelihood of ore deposit accumulation.

SRK specializes in developing process-driven, conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral targets. Our in-house consultants have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings.

In geological terranes around the world, exploration companies face considerable scale challenges when searching extensive areas without good rock exposure. In such cases, exploration success often depends on the discovery of deeper or “blind” ore bodies. We will help you to focus your search area and evaluate potential exploration targets by interpreting your remote sensing data and developing a thorough understanding of the structural geometry and deformation/mineralization history.

Remote Sensing Interpretation Services

  • Advanced aeromagnetic interpretation to produce structural/geological maps showing the relative timing of structural events and mineralization history
  • Satellite imagery interpretation for the mapping of regional structures, alteration, and regolith
  • Ranking of exploration targets for specific deposit styles or commodities
  • Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data and integration with aeromagnetic interpretations to produce 3D models of basement architecture
  • Production of interactive GIS products that clients can update over time
  • Regional basin analysis to identify pathways for ore-forming fluids
  • Customized, on-site, geophysical interpretation training courses focused on empowering exploration geologists with the knowledge needed for the geological interpretation of geophysical data

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