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Structural Geology

Reduce exploration and mining risk by understanding the influence of structures on grade distribution and mine design

How Structural Geology is Applied
from Exploration to Closure

By Dr. James Siddorn, Principal Structural Geology Consultant (SRK Toronto)

Structural geology provides an essential foundation for mineral exploration and extraction. By employing sound structural geology techniques, we can effectively manage exploration and mining risks, thereby reducing capital expenditure and minimizing mining hazards.

Most mineral deposits formed in tectonically active areas and are therefore affected or controlled by geological structures. These structures influence nearly all technical aspects of projects, including exploration targeting (at all scales), grade distribution, grade control, resource estimation, rock mass engineering, and hydrogeology.

SRK combines strong expertise in theoretical structural geology with field and industrial experience to provide practical, applied solutions for clients’ exploration programs and mine designs. SRK’s structural geologists have a proven track record for discovering and expanding resource bases. We have recently assisted in the identification of ore deposit controls for deposit- and regional-scale exploration targeting, the characterization and analysis of fractures to mitigate mine stability and water in-flow problems in underground environments, 3D modeling of structurally complex deposits to assist with resource evaluation, and the definition of structural geometries in geotechnical studies of large open pit operations.


  • Interpretation and integration of regional remote-sensing data (e.g., aeromagnetic data) applied to regional-scale exploration
  • Field analysis of the structural controls on mineralization applied to deposit- to regional-scale exploration
  • 3D modeling of complex ore bodies for resource evaluation, geotechnical domaining, and hydrogeological evaluations
  • Characterization of fracture systems for geotechnical and hydrogeological studies
  • On-site training in structural geology, tailored to the client's project site

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