VNet is a ventilation network simulator designed to assist personnel in the planning of underground ventilation systems. Adapted from VnetPC, VNet aims to be the most user-friendly, economical choice in the industry for ventilation planning.

VNet provides a numerical simulation of a subsurface ventilation network based on mine layouts, airway dimensions or measured resistances, and the location and characteristic curves of fans. VNet provides visual and tabular results including:

Parameter View
  • Branch Airflows
  • Frictional Pressure Drops
  • Airway Resistance
  • Air Power Losses in Airways
  • Ventilation Cost of Each Airway
  • Fan Operating Points (Pressures and Airflows)
  • Duties of Required Regulators and Booster Fans

Key FeaturesFan Data View

  • Immersive, animated 3D network editor
  • Enhanced, expandable coordinate system
  • Import DXF files from mine planning programs to rapidly create new branches
  • Attach reference/resource DXF files for better visualization and to aid in branch creation
  • Fan curve adjustments for density, variable frequency (RPM) and series/parallel arrangement
  • Color branches by air type (user-defined) or parameters (airflow, pressure, etc.)
  • Export DXF files to CAD and mine planning programs with displayed parameters
  • Data input and output graphically or through tabular views
  • Regulator orifice sizing tool\
  • Steady-state contaminant distribution analyses
  • Cut/copy/paste features for data exchange within Windows
  • Edit branches in multiple views
  • Fan curve graphics with current operating point displayed
  • Import fan curves from VNet or VnetPC
  • Transient time calculator based on user-selected path
  • Branch templates
  • Multiple branch selection and editing
  • Resource attachments allow display of mine plans, ore bodies or topographic maps
  • Online support through


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