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Water Services

Scarce, plentiful, wasted, coveted. Water is fast becoming the world's most precious commodity. Too much in the wrong place at the wrong time and this valuable resource becomes an unwanted hazard. We've helped clients manage water in all its forms everywhere in the world.

Water moves continuously through the environment. Seldom is it in the right quantity or quality to suit our ever increasing needs.

You can take advantage of an integrated water management system designed to cut your costs, using SRK's combined surface and ground water resource evaluation expertise to assess and supply your needs.

SRK's water professionals can assist with mine and industrial water management, water supply and water quality and national and local management strategies.

If you're concerned about the impact of your project on the water environment SRK can provide a world class team and the approach to solving your problem from scoping studies to feasibility, design, commissioning and monitoring.

SRK supports mining development with groundwater management and hydrogeology services.
SRK Consulting has extensive experience in supporting mine development projects and effective development, management and protection of ground water resources. Operating from a well established hydrogeological base, our specialist teams of geologists, hydrogeologists and geochemists undertake all aspects of ground water studies including scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies ...
SRK's expert team can manage impacts of ground and surface water on mining, and minimize environmental impact of runoff.
Efficient water management is essential to nearly all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle – from preliminary approvals, production, de-commissioning and closure – and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies, with due consideration of the...
SRK's water management specialists ensure surface water and storm water are managed responsibly.
Ensuring the effective management and development of water resources in accordance with statutory requirements and commercial needs – this is the approach followed by SRK Consulting to problems involving surface water hydrology and hydraulics. Our team of specialist engineers and scientists combine their experience and skills to offer a comprehensive...
SRK's water quality management team intergrates hydrology and geochemistry to treat water outflows in all climates.
SRK Consulting offers an integrated approach to water quality management, tailoring the application of our specialist expertise in hydrology/hydraulics/hydrogeology and chemistry/geochemistry to the particular needs of the domestic/industrial/agricultural facility concerned. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide ...

Feature Article

Managing sulfate impacts on water quality

Managing impacts of sulphates on water quality downstream.

Sulfate is becoming more of a water quality problem for mining companies. Regulations governing sulfate concentrations have been flexible, and the unstated mitigation measure is often dilution of sulfate downstream. Read more…

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