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Landfills and Solid Waste

Our engineering and environmental specialists have extensive experience with the disposal of solid and hazardous wastes. Previous projects include waste stream investigations, feasibility and site selection studies, geotechnical investigations, permitting, detailed design, contract documentation and management including construction quality assurance.

We also provide monitoring and environmental audit services for operating waste sites.

A risk based design approach to the transport, handling and disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes, provides clients with a decision framework including factors such as liability and safety. Our client base includes local authorities, mineral processing plants, mines, industry and power stations.


  • Waste Site Selection, Design and Permitting
  • Environmental Assessments and Audits
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste Minimization Studies
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Mine Waste Disposal Solutions
  • Municipal Waste
  • Industrial Residues
  • Risk-based Design and Handling of Hazardous Wastes

Feature Article

Geotechnical Characterisation of Course Mine Waste Using DEM

Visualisation of the force bearing particles (pentagons) in a polydispersity granual media submitted to compression.

The study of the mechanical behaviour of mine wastes containing particles of metric order is a challenging task because commercial testing devices typically only accommodate samples composed of particles that measure a few centimeters. Read more…

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