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Geotechnical data collection and presentation - it starts and ends with a vision

Louie Human and Ben Jupp
Sunday, August 28, 2016
First presented: 
AusIMM Bulletin Magazine August 2016

The foundation of  a successful cave mine operation is the collection of detailed geotechnical rock mass and structural data. This fundamental data is used as the basis for fragmentation and cavability assessments,  on which significant mine design decisions are based, and which can ultimately have an impact on the safety and economics of ore recovery.  Considerable improvements and technical advances in analysis and design aspects have been made, but are vulnerable to poor quality, quantity and understanding of the geotechnical data collected.  The importance of detailed geotechnical and structural logging of an adequate number of drill holes cannot be underestimated.  Combining robust data collection with appropriate software toolsets to visualise, interrogate and develop geotechnical models is important  for yielding the maximum value and understanding of the data, including limitations which ultimately feed into the mine design and decision making process.  

Feature Author

Ben Jupp

Ben Jupp has ten years’ experience specialising in geology and 3D geological modelling. He has worked in several commodities within Australia and internationally, including BIF-hosted iron ore, nickel, lode gold, porphyry copper, lead-zinc and rutile. His experience is varied and includes multi-scale mineral and oil and gas prospectivity studies, mineral targeting studies, structural mapping in Africa and Australia and 3D geological modelling at both deposit and regional scales. Ben has strong technical knowledge inclusive of structural geology, geophysical analysis, seismic interpretation, structural mapping, geochemistry, GIS and geophysical modelling.

Senior Consultant (Geological Modelling)
BSc Hons (Geology)
SRK Melbourne
SRK North America