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Landslide stability analysis using the sliding block method

E. Lino, R. Norabuena, M. Villanueva & O. Felix
Monday, November 28, 2016
First presented: 
Congreso de Geoingeniería 2016
Published paper

The authors of this paper dealt with a stability analysis related problem of a landslide located in the Central part of Peru. This landslide was divided into South and North sectors. There is a special interest in the North landslide since it directly affects a driving channel located at the toe of the slope. The movement was classified  as  translational  and  the calculation methodology applied was  the  sliding  block. Upper  and intermediate cuts were carried out on the slope. After having completed both works, the real configuration of the failure surface was highlighted and for this reason, new stability analyses following the new direction of the movement were performed.

SRK North America