Comminution Circuit Design vs. Feed Size or 'Mine to Mill 2.0'

Adrian Dance
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
First presented: 
CIM Convention

Mine-to-Mill methodologies have been traditionally applied to investigate the impact of upstream fragmentation changes on downstream mill throughput. In other words, the cause-and-effect relationship between mill feed size and tonnage. Why does it need to be limited to only this relationship? Is it not valuable to understand the important parameters related to metal recovery, product quality and cost efficiency? The accurate prediction of metallurgical performance should be an objective for all site metallurgists to improve mine planning, budgeting as well as justifying circuit and operational changes.

Confident geometallurgical forecasting can allow strategic decisions to be made regarding blending, deferment or rejection of ore types/domains from the mine plan.

Studying the Mine-to-Mill interface from a number of perspectives allows key parameters to be understood and included as part of an operating philosophy to improve mill feed quality. Not only has the methodology proven itself to generate significant productivity gains, but can assist site personnel in quickly responding to real performance deviations rather than hoping the problem will correct itself.

Feature Author

Adrian Dance
With over 25 years in his field, Adrian has both industrial and consulting experience, working at operations in Australia, Canada and Peru. Recently, Adrian has established himself as an authority in comminution circuit operation and practices a proven methodology in gaining improvements from “Mine-to-Mill” optimisation projects. Adrian has spent most of his career working with existing operations to gain added efficiency. With SRK, he is now providing similar expertise to green or brownfield sites to get similar benefits very early in the mine life, in particular, the development of mill forecasting models embedded in the resource/geological block model, or geometallurgical modelling.
Plant Optimization Specialist
PhD in Mineral Processing
SRK Vancouver
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