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Developing Environmental Components for a Water Balance

Dave Hoekstra, Brent Thiele
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
First presented: 
GoldSim User Conference 2018
Water Management

GoldSim Users Conference: Poster Abstract

Water Balance Model for a Mine in the Great Lake Region

This poster presented the key components of a comprehensive water balance model developed to support a Pre-Feasibility Study of a metal mine in the Great Lake Region. The model includes the mining component, process areas, and a remote tailings facility, as well as the surrounding watersheds, drainages, and lakes to evaluate the impact of the mine on the surrounding environment. SRK developed several modules to support the water balance, including stochastic rainfall, evaporation and temperature generation, snow pack and snow melt behavior, lake ice up and ice out volumes, and runoff and stream routing simulation. The model is being used to evaluate many aspects of the mine plan, as well as environmental impacts during mining and post closure.

Feature Author

David Hoekstra

David is a civil engineer with over 28 years of experience in mining, environmental, solid waste, and geotechnical projects. He specializes in mine water management, including designing surface water conveyance and stormwater structures as well as capture and storage facilities for surface water and solution flows.

David’s experience includes conducting a third-party review of an OPSIM water balance model, evaluating the development of Australian Water Balance Method input parameters, and performing a completeness review of an existing site-wide water balance model.  He has also developed a site-wide process and environmental water balance model for the feasibility study of a large gold mine. This model incorporated an open pit, heap leach pad, waste dumps, and water supply and control reservoirs. The model predicted the water demands for the process as well as the quantity and quality of off-site discharge along regional drainage routes using daily, probabilistic climate forecasts.

Mine Water Management Specialist
SRK Denver
Brent Thiele
Brent Thiele is a Geoenvironmental consultant with 7 years of experience in the mining industry; specializing in mine water management. His areas of focus include surface water modeling using Goldsim simulation software and supervising field programs for collecting hydrogeologic and geotechnical data. Brent has extensive experience with designing and building site-wide water balances in Goldsim from scoping to closure. His models incorporate all aspects of a mine which including: stochastic climate, open pits, waste rock facilities, heap leach pads, CIL/CIC leaching, water supply facilities, tailings storage facilities and mill process facilities.
Mine Water Management Specialist
SRK Denver
SRK North America