Mine Tailings Reprocessing Investigation

Nicholas Cristi
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
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Mine Waste

Reprocessing of historic tailings impoundments can create shared value between the mining company and the nearby communities when the additional minerals are extracted from legacy impoundments and the new reprocessed tailings are then placed in modern and engineered facilities compliant with current environmental requirements. The nearby communities receive the environmental benefits and the mining company recovers the cost of compliance.

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Nicholas Cristi
Nicholas is a bilingual engineer with over seven years of professional multidisciplinary experience in civil and mining engineering, working on a wide range of international projects. He is keenly familiar with the design and construction of stable, economical and legally compliant tailings facilities and leach pads, with a focus on practical operation and cost-effective closure solutions. As a registered Professional Engineer, he has extensive international experience in construction oversight as well as with the quality control and quality assurance testing of soil, concrete, and geomembrane. His field experience has included leading a diverse range of geotechnical and geochemical drilling/sampling investigations.
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