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Mining Magazine: Getting some air

Donna Schmidt interviews SRK's John Bowling
Thursday, May 10, 2018
First presented: 
Mining Magazine - May 2018 Issue
Mine Ventilation
There are a handful of non-negotiable factors when it comes to mining safely and efficiently, and among that group is proper mine ventilation. Done well, a ventilation design takes care of itself, but when it is inadequate or not operating optimally, it does not take long to remember just how crucial it is to the everyday environment. Regardless of mine type, and for a variety of reasons, there is no substitution for the presence of a fan system and a well-designed ventilation pattern from effective modelling. Ensuring mines have that involves knowing what's available and what's to come.
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Feature Author

John Bowling

Mr. Bowling has over 6 years of experience in mine ventilation system design and analyses for metal, non-metal, and coal mines around the world. He plans, coordinates and conducts ventilation surveys and audits of underground mines and other facilities. John also teaches short courses in underground mine ventilation, measurement, planning and modeling. He manages the NQA-1 quality assurance program for SRK’s work in subsurface nuclear facilities and is a licensed professional engineer in Nevada and New Mexico.

Mine Ventilation Specialist
SRK Clovis
SRK North America