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How sustainable urban design can reduce infrastructure costs

SAICE | Civil Engineer
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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SAICE | Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Developers often associate environmental requirements with additional costs and extended project time frames, in many instances seeing environmental services as a grudge purchase. But what if the opposite was possible? What if building environmental considerations into each phase of infrastructure development could decrease the overall cost of the project?

In this article, we describe how this can be accomplished. We look at the various phases of infrastructure development and explore how the use of environmental considerations and innovations can avoid delays and potentially even reduce the cost of infrastructure development. Indeed, while this article focuses on infrastructure development, the approach proposed may be adapted to any type of development.

Content provided by: Philippa Burmeister and Denzel van de Weg (SRK Consulting)

Acknowledgement: SAICE | Civil Engineering

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