Anton Bloem

Senior Consultant, Rock Mechanics
BSc Geology and Advanced Earth Science
SRK Vancouver
Oceanic Plaza 22nd Floor 1066 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 3X2
+1 604 681 4196

Anton specializes in raw data collection and QA/QC for rock mechanics modeling and excavation design. He has a particular interest, and is actively researching, rock mass damage and dilation induced by blasting and unloading in open pit excavations. The experience gained from QA/QC of primary data, parametric models, and their influence on design guidelines enables his reasoned approach to slope stability back-analysis. One of his strengths includes first-pass characterization, interpretation, and the application of engineering judgement in Scoping Level open pit slope designs – added to which is the follow-through integration of rock mass classification systems used in PFS/FS open pit and underground mine design. These attributes make him adept at most aspects of rock geotechnical in-pit operational support. His background in 3D data visualization and processing, in particular down-hole geophysics’ data interpretation for geotechnical domain delineation and rock mass parameter estimation, enables an experienced global approach to rock engineering design and implementation challenges.

Specialization: Open pit slope design, rock mass blast damage/dilation, and primary data acquisition methods (including mapping, rock core drilling/logging, and downhole geophysics).

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