Dr. Vladimir Ugorets

Principal Hydrogeologist
SRK Denver
1125 17th Street, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202, USA
+1 303 985 1333
+1 303 985 9947
Dr. Ugorets has more than 40 years of professional experience in hydrogeology and has been involved in numerous mine dewatering projects for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, mine construction, and mine operation. His experience includes hydrogeological data analysis, developing conceptual and numerical groundwater flow and solute transport models for the mining projects, optimization of well fields and other dewatering systems for open-pit, underground, and ISR mines, predicting quantity and quality of inflow into open pits and underground mines, estimating dewatering requirements and designing dewatering systems, evaluating pit walls/underground workings depressurization requirements and pore pressures as input for slope/roof stability modelling, predicting environmental impacts of mining and dewatering to water levels, streams, lakes, and swamp areas, and predicting pit-lake infilling and underground mine flooding during post-mining condition. Evaluation of commercial-scale brine extraction projects, reserve estimating by developing dynamic density driven groundwater and solute transport models, and optimization of brine extraction wellfields. Dr. Ugorets fulfills the requirements to be a “Qualified Person” for the purposes of NI 43-101 reporting in the area of hydrogeology/geology.
SRK North America