Kristin Pouw

Senior Chemical Engineer
MEng, BEng, PEng
SRK Toronto
155 University Avenue, Suite 1500 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 3B7
+1 416 601 1445
+1 416 601 9046

Valued expertise in water management and treatment for the international mining and metals sector. Registered engineering professional with over 8 years of progressive project experience working in multi-disciplinary teams to prepare water balance models and develop water management plans, review water quality data, and design and optimize water treatment processes for the mining industry. In-depth understanding of Canadian and international regulatory frameworks for environmental quality and water treatment. Functionally bilingual in English and Spanish, with experience working abroad and in the field for quality sampling and treatability testing programs. Excellent communicator through technical reports and presentations, generating high impact and exposure among a variety of stakeholders and audiences.

SRK North America