Marija Jurcevic

Principal Engineer
MEng. Civil Engineering
SRK Reno
Suite 300 5250 Neil Road Reno, NV 89502, USA
+1 775 828 6800
+1 775 828 6820

Marija Jurcevic, Pr. Eng. (SA), is a principal engineer with more than 15 years experience in design and optimization of fluid management systems including water, slurry, PLS, process solution, mine dewatering and reclaim water pipelines and pump stations. She carried out several design and optimization studies of slurry and reclaim delivery systems including modifications accommodating expansions to the tailings impoundment.  In addition, her mining-related experience includes providing environmental permitting and engineering support with environmental monitoring and compliance related issues at the number of mines including preparation of water pollution control permit renewal application, permit modification documentation, compliance monitoring reports and reclamation plans including reclamation bond calculations.  Her municipal services related experience includes water supply pipe networks including pump stations design. Ms. Jurcevic has been involved in the design and construction of industrial water supply and effluent discharge networks and extensions to existing industrial facilities.

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