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Geology Careers with SRK Consulting

Geologists at SRK work in a variety of modes:

Exploration Geologists apply sophisticated and innovative software in a broad range of applied specialised disciplines (such as remote sensing, geophysics, structural geology, geological modeling and geochemistry) for exploration targeting aimed at discovering new deposits. These tools and experience allows for rapid and seamless incorporation of results into resource and reserve estimations as well as mine planning. Quality management tools and programs can be found in all branches of geology and Exploration Geologists specialize in review, design, and implementation of such programs. Exploration Geologists also compile technical reports for the investment community as required by legislation and provide geological advice to institutional and industry clients prior to investment decisions, including economic assessments and project evaluations. Furthermore, Exploration Geologists conduct audits on drilling programs and provide assistance in planning exploration projects.

Structural Geologists provide detailed structural analyses, including advanced interpretation of remote sensing data and regional- to deposit-scale structural evaluation to define the controls on ore distribution, geotechnical domains and hydrogeological pathways. In many terranes exploration is becoming focused on discovering deeper ore bodies and this trend requires a much more reliable understanding of the geometry of structures in the third dimension. This need is driving the development and application of 3D modeling and visualization techniques which are the domains of the Structural Geologist. SRK structural geologists use software such as Gocad, Geomodeller, and Leapfrog with field structural analyses to ensure that mineralization targets are defined by multiple exploration and mining parameters and are directly focused on adding value to the project.

Resource Geologists estimate mineral resources for mining and exploration projects for mineral commodities by applying geological experience, innovation and technology within industry accepted guidelines. Validated datasets are applied to model numerically the spatial distribution of mineralization, often in association with Structural Geologists and Mining Engineers. Resource estimation is based on an understanding of the controls of mineralization, the application of this knowledge to spatial geostatistics and the selection of appropriate estimation methodologies and parameters to ensure confident grade and tonnage interpolation. Resources are reported in compliance to internationally recognized reporting codes.

Not everyone is qualified to deliver all of the services described above. Typically consultants specialize in one area as they become more senior and more expert. Because of the nature of consulting – giving advice – we look for candidates who have gained experience in a variety of commodities and in a variety of terrains.

If you are interested in joining SRK please check our job vacancies and submit your application through the appropriate channels.


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