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Environmental Careers with SRK Consulting

Environmental consulting spans the full life-cycle of a mining operation from planning a new mine, staying on course, suspending operations or closing a facility. It is a critical concern for all mining operations because of the increasingly stringent standards set by local, regional and national governments.

Environmental consultants

Facilitate decisions with respect to permitting, risk management and social license. We work with mining companies to overcome any challenges, with financial institutions to identify and manage risk, and with environmental regulators to provide relevant assurances and solutions.

Examples of the types of projects we undertake are: site characterization, baseline environmental and social studies, environmental and social impact assessment, liability assessments and financial assurance, stakeholder involvement and consultation, audits and reviews, risk assessment etc.


Manage mine drainage water quality and develop cost-effective solutions to issues ranging from severe acidity to dealing with unusual trace elements. The focus is on addressing drainage chemistry at all stages of the mining cycle since discharges must typically meet stringent water quality standards set by local, regional and national governments. Acid drainage remains the most significant issue due to high concentrations of metals, and costs of treatment to achieve acceptable levels, although leaching under non-acidic conditions is also an issue. The cornerstone of the geochemists approach is that the release of ARD (acid rock drainage) is controlled by geological conditions. Hence they work with geologists to understand how the geology of the mine property affects drainage chemistry, and how it can be used to limit potential impacts and engineering costs.

Examples of some of the services we provide are: waste characterization, evaluation of potential for acid rock drainage, field assessments and monitoring, waste rock dumps and tailings instrumentation for poregas and porewater monitoring, water quality modeling, site-wide contaminant load balances, water treatment evaluations, cyanide geochemistry and waste treatment, assessment of mine closure requirements, expert witness etc.

Mine Reclamation and Closure consultants

Planning for mine closure is necessary at all stages of a mining project – from initial mine planning, through feasibility assessment, and during operations. Closure provisions of mining projects receive increasing scrutiny from project stakeholders, indigenous communities and regulatory agencies with increasing resolve to avoid and mitigate potential for long-term environmental, economic, and social impact. Furthermore,  current best practice dictates that all mines should be “designed for closure” with many jurisdictions mandating “zero discharge” conditions during operations and prohibiting release of deleterious substances to the environment post closure.

Examples of project work include: assessment of closure requirements and management of closure planning, public consultation and facilitation of workshops for project stakeholders , waste characterization and geochemical assessment, hydrologic assessments, development of waste and water quality management plans for all phases of mine life, seismic stability assessments, earthworks stability assessments, soil cover design, landform engineering, construction QA/QC for closure prescriptions, development of cost estimation models etc.

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