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Geochemical Characterisation

Andrew Garvie and Danny Kentwell

The number and distribution of waste rock samples geochemically characterised before and during mine operation impacts the ability to accurately represent the waste characteristics and to predict the potential for acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD). Numerous regulatory and industry bodies Read more... about The Influence of Sample Numbers and Distribution on the Assessment of AMD Potential

Mathieu Lacorde, Cherie Leeden and Regina Molloy
Geology, Geochemistry

Over 150 sediment-hosted Pb-Zn-Cu and Ba occurrences are identified in Gabon along the contact between the Mesozoic to recent sedimentary Coastal Basin and the Archaean to Paleoproterozoic Kimezian basement of the West Congo Belt [1].  These occurrences were first described in the 1930s and Read more... about Geochemical characterisation of Pb‐Zn‐Cu and Ba mineralisation in the Lower Cretaceous sediments of the Coastal Basin, Gabon, Central Africa

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